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Greek phrases

Greek is considered one of the oldest languages still in use today. While you’re there, try using some of the key phrases:

Good morning - Kalimera
Hello - Yeia sou
Thank you - Efcharisto

Peloponnese monuments

Five out of the 19 UNESCO monuments in Greece are located in the Peloponnese, including the wonders of: the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, Mystras, Olympia Archaeological Site, as well as Mycenae and Tiryns.

local guides

Using a licensed local guide is the best way to experience the archaeological sites in Greece. With  some of the most knowledgeable guides around, they will help you explore the rich history these sites have to offer.

Greek cuisine

Let’s talk about Greek cuisine! Ever heard of tzaziki? What about taramosalata? Greek cuisine has a long history and is known for its wide range of dishes, from fresh salads and tender grilled meat to fresh fish and syrupy pastries. Moussaka is a must try while you’re there too!

Local wine

Sample the local wine in the Peloponnese. The most famous is Agiorgitiko red wine (Saint George wine) from Nemea; however if you prefer white wine, try Moschofilero or Malvasia.

Legendary castles

Want to explore some of Greece’s legendary castles? You’re in luck! Out of more than 600 castles in Greece, the Peloponnese Peninsula has several, including: Methoni, Monemvasia, Palamidi, Mystras and Koroni.


With the ocean on your doorstep, why not try sea kayaking in Navarino Bay with a local guide.

Farmers' markets

There’s nothing like Greek cuisine. If you are extending your stay, head to Kalamata’s farmers market which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.

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