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Sustainability in Greece

The Ministry of Tourism, alongside the GNTO, regional stakeholders and the private sector, has undertaken significant steps to foster responsible travel throughout Greece. They're aiming to make the country a leader in eco-friendly tourism, benefiting local communities and protecting the environment and natural resources of the country.

Smaller islands such as Halki are developing sustainable tourism services to ensure they thrive economically while also being environmentally responsible. Key strategies include extending the tourism season, diversifying destinations, and spreading tourism. This includes focusing on mainland destinations and undiscovered islands alongside the popular islands with the goal of boosting local economies.

Supporting local communities is a big part of Greece's tourism strategy with efforts to empower local businesses, preserve cultural heritage, and involve communities in tourism activities. By strengthening local economies and fostering community engagement, Greece aims to create a more inclusive and resilient tourism industry.

Overall, the country's commitment to sustainable tourism is about balancing economic interests with environmental and social concerns.

Sustainable Greece Website

Created by the GNTO’s UK & Ireland Office, Sustainable Greece promotes sustainable initiatives across Greece. It encourages British travellers to explore Greece in ways that benefit and enhance local communities and natural beauty, showcasing inspirational stories and best practices in sustainable tourism.

Greece’s islands, cities and sites are trialling new initiatives and innovations to become a blueprint for other destinations to follow. The hub aims to inspire not only travellers, but also other Greek destinations looking to transform their tourism sector.

The sustainability hub focuses on five themes: Sustainable Best Practices, Future Green Projects, Sustainable Initiatives, Sustainable Experiences and Sustainable Holidays in Greece.

Sustainable Travel Agora

The Sustainable Travel Agora initiative was launched by the Director of GNTO UK & Ireland to address the lack of collaboration in the UK travel industry on sustainability goals. It intends to unite tourism stakeholders, transcend geographical boundaries and promote a holistic approach to sustainability.

The initiative aims to build a community dedicated to advancing sustainable practices through connection and conversation, fostering collaboration and bridging the gap between intention and action to ensure tangible outcomes.

The primary goal of Agora is to establish a dedicated community that would elevate sustainable practices in the travel industry through open dialogue and collaboration, where best practices, struggles, and innovative steps could be honestly communicated to help propel the sustainable agenda of the travel industry further. 

The first Sustainable Travel Agora roundtable was held in Crete in October 2023 and attended by representatives of tour operators, destinations and associations, communications professionals and media.

Biodiversity and Preservation in Messinia

Messinia boasts one of Europe’s highest biodiversity levels and preserving this is crucial for Costa Navarino. Near Navarino Bay, the Gialova lagoon, a significant European wetland, is home to unique bird species, African chameleons, and Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Costa Navarino supports research on these species and monitors climate change impacts through the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO).

Messinia Without Strays

The Navarino Pet Community, led by Costa Navarino volunteers, raises awareness about stray animals. Volunteers have dedicated over 3,500 hours, helping more than 200 dogs and cats find homes in Greece and Europe. Collaborating with the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and NGOs, they launched “Messinia Without Strays” to protect and manage stray animals in Messinia. Achievements include rehoming 250 animals in 13 countries, investing 3,500 volunteer hours, and providing 10 tons of pet food.

Sustainability at Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino prioritises sustainable tourism by integrating environmental and social responsibility. Committed to preserving Messinia's natural environment and supporting local communities, the resort follows strict environmental management guidelines. About 8% of the development budget is dedicated to sustainable infrastructure. In 2022, Costa Navarino achieved an 80% reduction in emissions compared to 2019.


SEATRAC is a free service offering unassisted sea access for people with disabilities and mobility issues. This innovative technology promotes autonomy and inclusion, allowing caretakers and families to enjoy the beach without hassle. SEATRAC is available at 200 locations across Greece, including several in Messinia such as Agios Vasileios, Agia Galini, Aigina Agia Marina, Aktio Vonitsa Palairos, Alexandroupoli Delfini, and Alimos Loutra.

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