Exploring Istanbul

The Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau has provided some top tips for exploring the city.

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Best Restaurants

Home to award-winning restaurants, Istanbul is a gastronomy metropolis of both Turkey and the world. You can find the best of local flavors across Turkey in Istanbul, like the traditional Turkish breakfast or the world-famous kebabs, as well as world cuisines, fine dining options, and fusion restaurants. Capital of empires known for their delicious palace cuisines, Istanbul is the starting point of delicious flavors spanning continents from Europe and the Middle East to Africa.  

Best Places to Visit

Istanbul is one of the the world’s  most ancient metropolis with its rich history and wonderful nature. 

Ranking 10th on the list of CNN Travel of most-visited cities in the world with nearly 13.5 million visitors in 2018 and hosting more than nine million tourists in 2021, Istanbul is a very popular travel destination. 

  1. Hagia Sophia Mosque 
  2. Blue Mosque 
  3. Basilica Cistern
  4. Topkapı Palace 
  5. Dolmabahçe Palace
  6. Grand Bazaar 
  7. Istanbul Modern Art Museum 
  8. Istanbul Archaeological Museums
  9. Salt Galata
  10. Pera Museum