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Simon Powell is a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable career in travel technology. Beginning his journey and gaining valuable insights from his father's travel agency, Simon ventured out on his own, driven by a passion for data and a desire to revolutionise the travel sector.

He founded Comtec in 1997, which focused on providing travel agents with enhanced booking choices and data accessibility, transforming the industry by transitioning agents from static brochures to PC-based systems. In 2008, Simon sold Comtec and embarked on a journey into emerging technologies. After the intense phase of working with a diverse portfolio of startups, Simon returned to his travel roots and set about forming Inspiretec. Inspiretec’s success is characterised by its end-to-end travel platform, including reservations, travel CRM and new single travel agency management solution: AGENT. Empowering tour ops and travel agencies with a single solution and customer-centric tools to increase sales and deliver personal experiences.

Simon's vision for the future is to provide travel businesses with a single selling and management platform, offering actionable insights by leveraging data to empower the travel industry at every touchpoint. 

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